2015 Award Honorees

Lumen Gentium Recipients


Julio & Maricela Aguilar

St. Peter Mission, Goldthwaite

Julio and Maricela have been active members for more than 20 years. They are an outstanding example of Catholic parents as they balance their commitment to family, church and work. Julio is a devoted usher and greeter. He generously volunteers to help keep the church and hall buildings maintained as well as the landscaping. He and Maricela help with funeral receptions and special meals by cleaning areas to be used. They prepare and set-up the food for these events. Julio has been a long-time member of the Finance Council, Pastoral Council and ushers. This past year, he became co-chair of the funeral committee and maintenance committee.


Paulette Beatty

St. Joseph Parish, Bryan

Paulette  has  served  in  many  ministries.  She  is  a  coordinator  for afternoon  adorer  hours  in  the  Adoration  Chapel.  She  has  also volunteered in the church office as receptionist when needed. Paulette helped  organize  and  establish  Mount  Carmel  Rosary  Guild  in  the parish almost 25 years ago. With her guidance the Rosary Guild has grown to include five apostolates: Mission Rosaries, Brown Scapulars, Gift Shop, Chain Rosaries and Altar Linens. Paulette is a blessing to the parish and truly is an example of how to do God’s work.


Brent Bennett

University Catholic Center, Austin

Brent has been an active member for the last six years taking on many leadership roles and participating in a number of our ministry groups  including  the  University  Graduate  and  Professionals,  the Knights  of  Columbus,  the  Finance  Council  and  the  Development Board. He is a Mass coordinator, lector and extraordinary minister of holy Communion. He is a generous contributor of his time, talent and treasure. In addition to his very active involvement at the UCC, he is also a part of the diocesan Catholic Young Adult Initiative. His dedication and enthusiasm for his faith are wonderful to witness for us all.


Martin Bermudez

San José Parish, Austin

Martin has faithfully served as head usher for all weekend Masses for more than 10 years. Whenever he is called upon to assist with anything, from bulletin inserts to replacing the missalettes or cleaning the church, he is at the parish and ready to help. He also assists with the RCIA program and  religious education students who serve as ushers during Mass. He is not only charismatic when serving as an usher, but he has been known to have great moves on the dance floor. We are grateful to have him joyfully serve the parish community.


Dennis & Debbie Bohannan

St. Mary, Church of the Assumption Parish, West

Dennis  is  very  active  in  the  parish  and  in  the  community.  Since the  explosion,  Dennis  worked  every  Saturday  to  help  different homeowners clean up their property so they could rebuild. Dennis has also served on the Parish Council and is actively taking care of all the small and large details in the maintenance of the property. He sings in the choir and is active in other ministries of the church.


Frank & Georgia Bohuslav

St. Paul Parish, Smithville

Frank and Georgia have been married for 64 years and are inspiration for others as they participate in the many activities at the parish. Frank is a member of the Thrid and Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus. He is treasurer of the Third Degree and Purser of the Fourth Degree. He is a member of the Pastoral Council and participates in the annual and monthly fundriasers, is an associate member of the St. Vincent de Paul Conference, assists as a catechist, member of the parish choir, extraordinary minister of holy Communion, greeter and usher. He helps take care of the parish in both exterior and interior unkeep and repairs. Georgia is a lector and extraordinary minister of holy Communion, treasurer of the SVdP conference, a catechist assistant, participates  in  fundraisers,  a  member  of  the  Altar  Society  and assisted in establishing the gift shop. Their service, dedication and contributions reflect their love of Christ and the church.


Ron Brewer

St. John the Evangelist Parish, San Marcos

Ron is a vey devoted and dedicated parishioner. He serves as an adult altar server and is president of the Finance Council. He gives several volunteer hours to the parish and is very reliable. He always takes his ministry above and beyond.


Barbara Budde

Diocese of Austin

Barbara worked for the Diocese of Austin for nearly 15 years. She retired in May 2015 from her position of Secretariat Director of Justice and Charity and the Director of the Office of Social Concerns. Barbara oversaw Catholic Charities of Central Texas and all of the diocese’s social justice outreach including missions, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic social teaching. She is a parishioner of St. Austin Parish in Austin.


Ricardo & Bernadette Cardenas

St. Mary Parish, Wimberley

Ricardo and Bernadette have been married for 44 years, and became members of the parish in 1998. Ricardo has been involved in youth ministry for 16 years as a catechist, spiritual motivator, etc. During regular retreats, he has often volunteered as a chauffer and chaperone. For several years he has also coordinated English as a Second Language classes and occasionally offers transportation to anyone that needs it.  During  fundraising events,  Ricardo has  always  been  willing  to help. Since 2000, Bernadette has been in charge of the extraordinary ministers of holy Communion, training and coordinating schedules. She has also participated in our Ladies Guild Group, ACTS retreats, Bible studies and is an enthusiastic supporter of the Divine Mercy devotion.


Farrell Desselle

St. Elizabeth Parish, Pflugerville

Farelle has been married to his wife Camille for 55 years. They joined the parish in 1998. He has served on the Pastoral Council member for five years, three as chair. He was instrumental in developing the Employee Handbook for parish staff and was an Advanced Giving Team Member for the 2013 Capital Campaign. He is a member of the ACTS Community and completed four years with the That Man Is You! program. He managed the renovation of the Parish Hall Kitchen in 2014 and served four years on the Building Committee. He currently serves as the parish representative with the architect and general contractor for the building of the new Religious Education Center.


Albert & Shirley Diekmann

St. Margaret Mary Parish, Cedar Park

Al registered as a parishioner in January 2008. Since then, with the continuous  support  of  his  wife  Shirley,  he  has  served  the  parish in many ways. He serves on our SpringFest Committee, has led the Homebound Eucharsitic Ministry. He is the staff and ministry leader photographer and he serves as liaison between the parish and the Seton Cedar Park Medical Center. He is also involved with the No One Dies Alone program. His personal wish is to bring the love of Christ to those who are at or near death and to help them on their final journey. Even in the last couple of years as he has experienced major health issues, he remains a constant fixture in parish life. He has his wife help with the Senior Luncheon. He has done all of this with the love of God in his heart.


Mary Jo doVale

St. Luke Parish, Temple

Mary Jo has been a very active member of St. Luke Parish for many years.  Always  willing  to  serve,  she  has  been  actively  involved  in many of the parish ministries. She presently serves on the Parish Advisory  Council,  the  Parish  Strategic  Planning  Committee  and Evangelization Team. Her love and devotion for the Blessed Sacrament is truly exemplified as she serves as an extraordinary minister of holy Communion, bringing the sacrament to the homebound and to those in the nursing homes and hospitals. Her selfless dedication is a shining example of what it means to be a Disciple of Christ.


Gail Eltgroth

Good Shepherd Mission, Lometa

She is the parish coordinator for Religious Education, a member of the Liturgical Committee, a member of the quilt group of Lometa and other  community  organizations  in  Lometa,  San  Saba  and  Temple. She has served on both the Pastoral and Finance councils and she is a volunteer at St. Mary Kitchen. She is always available for church activities.



Julie Eubanks

St. Mary Parish, Caldwell

Julie is the ultimate example of a Christian who uses her gifts from God to the fullest. Julie has been a member of the Women’s Club for 25 years, and has helped with the Knights of Columbus Festival for 20 years. She is a catechist and serves as extraordinary minister of holy Communion. Her love for Christ shines through her personality as she serves in the parish, in the community and in her family.


Mark Falsone

St. Peter Catholic Student Center, Waco

Mark has volunteered to organize and lead practices for our music ministry for our students at St. Peter for the last four years. He has done so generously and joyfully. Almost every weekend during the school year, he is present for three Masses on Sunday. The students really enjoy working with him and he provides continuity to a congregation that has a lot of changeover. He also volunteers at times at St. Jerome, which is the parish near where he lives.


Jim & Tina Franks

St. Mary, Church of the Assumption Parish, Waco

Jim and Tina have been members for 15 years. They are sacristans for  the  10:30  a.m.  Sunday  Mass.  They  both  serve  as  ushers  and extraordinary ministers of holy Communion. Jim is a member of the Men’s Club and helps out with repairs around the church. He also helps count the collection each week. Tina is the chairperson of the ushers and a member of the Liturgy Committee. She knits caps for the homeless in our community. She is a member of the St. Mary’s Women’s Guild and the Ladies of Charity. She is also a part-time employee of the parish, managing the religious gift shop and working as a receptionist. They both actively support the parish festival.


Jose & Hermelinda Gonzales

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Austin

Jose and Hermalinda have been active parishioners for many years and have devoted much of their time, talent and treasure to the parish. Over  the  last  three  years,  Jose  and  Hermalinda, along  with  their children, have volunteered to run the Sunday kitchen when no other group/ministry is available. They play a vital role because our parish depends on these funds to help our food pantry and other social ministries.


Blanca Gonzalez

St. Joseph Parish, Killeen

Blanca has been the parish sacristan for more than 15 years. In that time, she has shown great love and devotion in her position. She walks daily to the church. The parish is blessed that she is healthy and able to serve and prepare for daily Masses, as well as for four Sunday Masses. She is a wonderful seamstress and floral arranger, and is well versed in the liturgy and the requirements for the many celebrations in our parish. She is the mother of two, grandmother to nine, and great- grandmother of 13. She is a member of the Legion of Mary and the Rosary Crusade. She is a wonderful example of the selfless servant.


Leopoldo & Elvira Gonzalez

Santa Teresa Parish, Bryan

Leo and Vera Gonzalez have been parishioners for more than 50 years. Leo has been a choir director for 33 years. Together they serve on the Finance Council. They are always willing to help in any way around the church. They are a great blessing to this parish.


Ruth Gurka & Mary Gurka

St. Mary Parish, Brenham

These two ladies always work very hard in organizing blood drives at the parish. They also serve at both of the annual parish fundraisers. Mary has been on the money counting team for many years. They have been very generous when financial help is needed.


Richard Hansard

St. Philip Mission, China Spring

Richard  is  an  active  member  of  the  parish.  He  coordinates  andparticipates in the Sunday Choir. He has also served as chair of the Parish Council. He has been very generous with his time, talent and treasure, and always tries to recognize the needs and meet of the parish.


Margaret Harrison

St. Mary Cathedral Parish, Austin

Margaret has been a dedicated parishioner for numerous years and has served as the unofficial Cathedral seamstress, having mended the clerics and cassocks for Msgr. Edward Matocha and now Father Albert Laforet. She leads the rosary before the 12:05 p.m. Mass on weekdays and Saturdays. She continues to serve as lector for weekend Masses. Any time the Cathedral has a need which involves needle and thread, Margaret is the first person we ask. She always serves with great humility and kindness. She made the gramails used by Bishop Joe Vásquez and Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Garcia.


Chun & Kyungja Huh

St. Andrew Kim Parish, Austin

Chun has served as a leader of the Parish Council. He has dedicated his time to bring about positive changes to the parish and is a role model to many of our parishioners. Kyungja has served in the Legion of Mary for many years. They are dedicated to the Korean Catholic community and the Korean community in Austin as well.


Ella Hurst

St. Peter and Paul Mission, Kovar

Ella is a dedicated and committed parishioner. She is a long-time member of the community, member of the Altar Society, Bereavement Committee,  St.  Vincent  de  Paul,  extraordinary  minister  of  holy Communion and homebound, hospitality minister, lector and part of the ministerial alliance. She helps with the cleaning and decorating. She is a great example of a loving Catholic, always willing to serve others in any way she can.


Steven & Linda Jaramillo

Holy Family Parish, Copperas Cove

Steve and Linda are very active and really put their faith into action. They regularly are hospitable to homeless people and assist women who are transitioning out of prison. They have a heart for the poor and the downtrodden and truly live out Matthew 25. In addition to that, they want to learn and are active in RCIA, Adult Education and other parish events.


Christina Jobes

St. Stephen Parish, Salado

Tina, through years of dedicated service at the parish, has distinguished herself  as  an  example  of  faithful  commitment  to  Christian  life and discipleship. She is a model and a great example as she brings deep reverence and devotion in the practice of her faith and active participation in ministry. Her untiring efforts and resilience ensured that the very first parish pictorial directly was a reality. She has given several years of active service as an extraordinary minister of holy Communion and as a volunteer catechist. Her personal faith, humility and commitment to the parish life make her indeed a true light and great inspiration for many in the parish community.


Timothy & Debbie Juhlke

St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Austin

Timothy  and   Debbie  serve  as   extraordinary  ministers  of   holy Communion and are active in the John Paul II Life Center and other charitale and civic organizations. Debbie has served as the director of RCIA for eight years. She is also a facilitator of the Ethics and Integrity in Ministry program.


Jennifer Klepac

Holy Trinity Parish, Corn Hill

Jennifer serves as the administrative assistant/secretary of the parish. She teaches second grade religious education and has served as the parish director of religious eduction. She helps in almost every parish activity. She is very involved in the annual Parish Bazaar, helping to

organize it and working behind the scenes. She has also served as the parish actovity center manager. During the 10 months following the death of Msgr. Emilian Foltyn, Jennifer, along with Deacon Gene Davis and other parishioners, kept the parish operating smoothly.


Ronald & Kathleen Kramr

St. John the Baptist Parish, Fayetteville

Ronnie  and  Kathleen  serve  as  extraordinary  ministers  of  holy Communion. Ronnie serves as sacristan and is the director of the St. John’s Cemetery Association and is a current officer and former Grand Knight of the local Knights of Columbus Council. Kathleen is a lector. They are always willing and able to help whenever, and wherever, necessary.


Lloyd & Eleanor Langsdorf

St. Albert the Great Parish, Austin

Lloyd  and  Eleanor  celebrated  49  years  of  faithful  witness  to  the sacrament of marriage this year. Both are actively involved in the parish and community as extraordinary ministers of holy Communion. They are also involved in the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Drive a Senior, Handy Wheels (Meals on Wheels), St. Anne’s Circle, the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, and the St. Albert the Great Club. They give consistent witness of stewardship of time, talent and treasure.


Larry & Mona Lockhart

St. Mary Parish, Temple

Larry and Mona have organized the annual parish fundraiser for the last several years while also serving as extraordinary ministers of holy Communion. Larry also serves as an usher and has given many volunteer hours coaching football and basketball for St. Mary’s Catholic School. Mona was president of the very active women’s ministry that helps the Knights of Columbus with bingo and other activities that help the parish financially. They are a good example of family and share those values with their children and the community they serve.


Joe & Ida Malina

St. Austin Parish, Austin

From their start at the University of Texas in Austin, Ida and Joe Malina  have  been  essential  to  the  well-being  and  hospitality  that are key characteristics of St. Austin Parish. Their children and grandchildren have attended the parish school. They have served as liturgical ministers, stints on parish staff and a range of financial and ministerial committees. A key characteristic of a Paulist parish is that it is a beacon of hope for a future brighter than any past. Joe and Ida certainly embody this faith-inspired hope.


Louis & Virginia Martinez

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Martindale

Louis is a lifelong member of the parish. He currently dedicates his efforts to the Cristo Rey men’s group and their efforts to maintain the parish facilities. He volunteers his time each Lent, helping with the annual fish fry, as well as on the team that prepares the grounds for the annual three-day jamaica. Louis is also head acolyte. Virginia serves as both a member of the Pastoral and Finance councils. Over the last several years, she has also served as the head of the parish jamaica committee. Virginia is also an extraordinary minister of holy Communion, as well as their group leader.


Walter & Margie Matous

St. Michael Mission, Burlington

Walter and Margie Matous have been members for more than 30 years. They are a team – always willing to lend a helping hand where needed. They are behind the scenes cleaning and making repairs at the parish and rectory as well as keeping up the church grounds and taking care of St. Michael Cemetery. Walter and Margie are an inspiration to other parishioners.


Johnny & Molly Mazanec

St. Joseph Parish, Waco

Johnny and Molly are founding members of our church. They have raised two adopted children and they have been cornerstone members in many of our parish groups including Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters of America, Perpetual Adoration (20 year members), as well as assisting at our church functions.


Mary McCorvey

Blessed Virgin Mary Mission, Washington

Mary is a woman of strong Catholic faith. Her Sunday Mass, weekday Mass, and Adoration attendance is exemplary. She is a member of both Finance and Pastoral councils.


Jason & Amber Melero

St. Thomas More Parish, Austin

Jason has been actively involved with the Life Teen Program for the last eight years sharing his love of the Catholic faith with our high school teens. He has also served as a confirmation catechist for the last six years. The teens gravitate to him. He is always welcoming to his peers and our teens parents. Jason shares his gifts of time and talent planning retreats and presentations. He is also active in the Knights of Columbus.


Rita Mikulec

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Mission, Marak

Rita has been a member for 70 years since her marriage to Theodore, who died in 2013. She willingly drove to Shiner numerous times from Cameron in the late ‘40s and ‘50s to pick up nuns to teach school in Marak during the week returning them to Shiner for the weekend Masses. She supported her husband with numerous church building projects.  She  refurbished  numerous  antique  furnishings  from  the priests and nuns for the annual picnic auctions. She held numerous offices with St. Ann’s Altar Society.  She willingly helped with numerous Spring Dinners and annual picnics. She made or helped make approximately 54 quilts for parish auctions. At 90 years young, she continues to quilt and bake for parish functions.


Michael & Karen Monaghan

St. Martin de Porres Parish, Dripping Springs

Michael and Karen are faithful daily Mass attendees and adorers in the parish Adoration chapel who also serve as liturgical ministers. Michael is active in the Knights of Columbus and co-director of the last Men’s ACTS Retreat. He also takes care of the parish’s IT needs. Karen is active in the Women’s Ministry, Walking  with  Purpose Women Group, co-director of the last Women’s ACTS Retreat and the head of the Art and Environment Ministry. They are excellent stewards of God’s gifts and generously share their time, talents and treasure with the community of St. Martin de Porres.


Aurelia Montoya

St. Eugene Parish, McGregor

Aurelia has been a parishioner for 16 years. She has been a Cursillista for 40 years and serves as the parish director of religious eduction. She   coordinates   a   monthly   potluck   lunch   with   the   religious education teachers to discuss how everyone is doing. She is the youth commissioner for the youth group. She has helped in the monthly fundraiser breakfasts and has helped count the collection. She also helps coordinate the youth games for the annual festival.


Tony Moore

St. Louis Parish, Waco

Tony is what you call a “Born Again” Catholic. He heads up the Knights of Columbus Council. He is very involved with the ACTS Community. Tony also started and lead the That Man is You! program for the last two years, and he has coordinated the adoration program. He is an inspiration to our entire parish community.


Bro. Gerald Muller, CSC

St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Austin

Brother Gerald is the conductor of the 12:15 p.m. choir. In his formative years, Brother Gerald studied with some of the finest musical directors in the country. He sang opera with Beverly Sills. He taught music in high School to stars of stage and screen. He is a published author. His finest work is an autobiography of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Brother Gerald is a member of the Holy Cross order at St. Edward’s University.


Bill & Linda O’Brien

Holy Rosary Mission, Frenstat

Bill & Linda moved to the Caldwell area 10 years ago and immediately became  active  members.  Bill  is  a  lector,  usher,  member  of  the Maintenance  Committee and  has  been  a  member  of  the  Pastoral Council for seven years. Linda is a member of the Altar Society.


Joe & Margaret Olivares

Sacred Heart Parish, La Grange

Joe and Margaret have been active members of Sacred Heart Parish for 38 years. Joe has previously served as a catechist. He currently serves as a hospitality minister, helps set up the manger scene outside the church each Christmas and helps set up crib in the church. He is a member of the Holy Name Society and a Third and Fourth Degree member of the Knights of Columbus. Margaret served in the religious education program, was a sponsor for the RCIA program, prepares funeral lunches – all for several years. She currently serves as one of the three group chairman for funeral lunches, is an extraordinary minister of holy Communion, and he is a member of Catholic Daughters of the Americas and the Altar Society.


Chris & Rosie Owens

Sacred Heart Parish, Elgin

Chris and Rosie are instrumental in so many aspects of our parish family (fiesta, retreats and Vacation Bible School). Rosie turned the religious education program around. She is dedicated, spiritual and inspiring to our youth and parents.


Jeff Paradowski

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, College Station

Jeff has touched the lives of many individuals and families through his timely and large financial generosity in an unassuming and silent manner. He is well-known and respected in the community at large as a champion and promoter of life, shining example of honesty, integrity and service, and as an approachable decent human being with basic human and Christian values. With God’s grace he serves his family well as a loving husband and a great dad, and has been serving at the parish as a leader and a servant through different councils, committees and ministries.


Tom & Rosa Maria Pena

Santa Cruz Parish, Buda

Tom has been lead usher for a number of years. He is a behind-the- scenes person. He schedules and trains ushers. He makes sure the collection is secured and counted. He works hard to make sure Holy Day Masses are covered. Most people never see him but they sure would notice if all he does was not done. His sons have now joined him in this ministry and we have a second generation of ushers coming up. He is a blessing to Santa Cruz.


Peter & Ha Vu Pham

Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Parish, Austin

Peter and Ha are the faithful members of our parish community. They are not only generous in supporting our parish financially, but they have been involved in many different ways of charity works. They have made many trips back to Vietnam with a group of volunteers to support and help the poor and the needy with the local Caritas organizations of the dioceses. They continue to wholeheartedly, generously share their gifts of love and finance.


Epifanio Portillo

St. Ann Parish, Rosebud

Epifanio (Pefi) is a lifelong member of the parish. He has always been very active and willing to help whenever he is needed. He is currently Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Our Lady of Sorrows #9743 and has served in many leadership roles within the organization. He is an example of service and spirituality to his many nieces and nephews as well as the church community.


Jill Prelosky

St. John Vianney Parish, Round Rock

Jill has a vibrant personality and a great sense of humor. Battling stage 4 cancer for the fifth time would be more than enough to stop anyone in their tracks, but not her. Some of her many parish ministries include fourth-grade  catechist,  communion  to  the  sick  and  homebound, church cleaning, gardens ministry, altar linens, Bible studies and parish fundraisers. She is also actively involved in the Round Rock community outreach programs, especially with children and those most in need.


Frances Radle

St. Joseph Parish, Marlin

Frances  is  ever-present  in  the  parish.  She  serves  as  a   lector, extraordinary minister of holy Communion and apostle to the shut-ins. She is a joy to be around and a blessing to our community.


Jon & Carol Rainbolt

Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish, San Marcos

Jon “Mike” and Carol, both retired educators, are now actively involved in our parish activities when they aren’t busy with grandkids. They are members of the Living Faith Society, our online monthly giving program. Mike has been a member of our pastoral committee for the last two years. He is also a greeter at our Sunday morning Mass. Carol is an active spiritual leader for our Women of Wisdom (WOW) ladies group who meet once a month and organize Bible studies, social gatherings and fundraising events for the parish. She is also an extraordinary minister of holy Communion. Together they are lectors. Mike and Carol are such a wonderful example of living the Gospel of the Lord.


Mary Ralya

St. Ann Parish, Somerville

Mary exemplifies the Catholic virtues that are worthy of emulation. She  is  president  of  both  the  St.  Ann  Council  of  Catholic  Women (SACCW) and the Eastern Council of Catholic Women (ECCW) as well as secretary of both the Finance and Pastoral councils for the parish.


Paul & Margaret Ramirez

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Temple

Paul and Margaret are very active members serving as catechists, Ethics and Integrity in Ministry Facilitators, and as a sponsor couple for engaged couples preparing for mariage. They both serve on the Finance Council, are extraordinary ministers of holy Communion and take Communion to homebound parishioners. Margaret also serves in the Religious Articles Gift Shop. Paul and Margaret are very generous in their giving of their time, their talents and their treasures, always ready to serve the Lord with a joyful and servant’s heart.


Ed & Juanita Reigle

St. Mary Parish, Lampasas

Ed and  Juanita  have been  of great help  to the parish community through their participation as catechists, heads of the Fall Festival Committee, members of the Knights of Columbus, members of one of the money counting teams and food pantry volunteers. Ed is a lector at Sunday Mass and a member of the Pastoral Council.


Ernest & Virginia Reyes

St. Mary Parish, San Saba

Ernest and Virginia are life-long parishioners. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2014. Virginia is a member of the Spanish Choir, lector,  extraordinary minister of  holy  Communion, member of the Parish Council, assists with the Religious Education program and, in December 2014, they volunteered to be marriage facilitators for the parish. Ernest maintains the grounds and Virginia uses her green thumb in the flower beds. They have two daughters, one son and seven grandchildren.


Dulce Rivera

Dolores Parish, Austin

Dulce is an energetic parishioner who serves as chair of the annual jamaica, breakfast coordinator, has served on the Parish Finance  board and gives to other projects through her time, talent and treasure. She and her family coordinate the Lenten Fish Fry. Her motivation to  involve others has brought leadership and  success to  different ministries.


Janis Roesslein

St. John Neumann Parish, Austin

Jan has been a parishioner since 1998 and is a tireless advocate and meaningful supporter of the parish. The parish has been blessed by her leadership skills, her positive attitude and her ability to inspire others to serve alongside her. She is the current chair of the Pastoral Council, the co-chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, a choir member and usher. She has helped organize volunteers in support of our 25th anniversary celebration and for the dedication of our new worship space. Jan and her husband Charlie are very active in several Austin civic and philanthropic endeavors.


Henry & Erma Roessler

St. Martin Parish, Tours

Henry and Erma have been committed and dedicated members for 55 years. Their marriage of 58 years has been an inspiration and a great testimony to their Catholic faith. Henry was one of the first four extraordinary ministers of holy Communion. He served as usher, lector and secretary/treasurer. He has also served as treasurer for the St. Martin’s Cemetery Association and was was on the Tours board of directors. Erma served on the Parish Council several times and was a catechist for the confirmation class. She has been an active member of the Altar Society for 50 years. She has been part of the choir for many years.


Darrell & Jane Rupert

St. Ignatius Martyr Parish, Austin

Jane is the whole package. She has been actively involved in the spiritual growth of many of the children, adults and families of the parish for many years. Through her efforts with RCIA, she has assisted in the process of welcoming many people into the church. As a catechist she teaches and models the Catholic faith. Through Bible study, retreats and adult faith formation she has not only cultivated her own faith life but she has also shared her faith with others. She is a wonderful example of the New Evangelization: growing in our own Catholic Faith so that we may teach and encourage others around us.


Luis & Linda Sanchez

St. Michael Parish, Uhland

Luis and Linda have been members since 2008. Luis serves at Mass in the role of an acolyte. Linda has taken the time and effort to become a certified catechist and helps teach Religious Education. She is also a member of the choir. As a couple, they work tirelessly each year running a booth at St. Michael’s annual three-day jamaica.


Ronald & Alice Scharfe

Holy Cross Parish, Austin

Ronald and Alice have shown dedication and faith by the numerous ways in which they have assisted the church. The parish is grateful to them for always responding to the church.


Richard & Ann Schiltz

St. Jerome Parish, Waco

Dick and Ann have been parishioners for many years and are each involved  in   multiple   ministries.  Together  they  lead   the  Lord’s Landscapers  ministry,  which   is   responsible  for   the   beautifully landscaped   campus.   They   volunteer   many   hours   planting   and maintaining the beautiful flowers and plants in numerous flowerbeds and are very dedicated to their ministry. You can find them working in the flowerbeds regardless of the weather.


Chuck & Sylvia Schnapp

St. Paul Chong Hasang Parish, Harker Heights

Chuck and Sylvia, as a couple, make the church present and fruitful in our parish and community. They attend daily Mass and are one of the go-to couples when anything needs to be done. Chuck instituted and is the director of our Knights of Columbus Squires program. He is also the director of the Altar Servers, and is the main recruiter, trainer and scheduler. Sylvia was president of the Ladies of Charity for several years and continues as an active member, regularly recruiting new members. She voluntarily serves as the Parish Wedding Coordinator. Sylvia also is the secretary to the Parish Council and an active member of the Altar Society.


Charles & Ann Schneider

St. Joseph Parish, Cyclone

Charles and Ann have been members for more than 40 years. Charles was born into the parish and also was an active member until leaving to attend college. He has been a reader and usher for many of those years. He was on the Finance Committee for many years. He is a Knight of Columbus and runs a booth at our annual picnic. He is involved in the scholarship selections for the Knights. Ann has been active in the Altar Society for many years, works at the Ladies Booth at the picnic and is active in our annual Springfest/Dinner. They have raised three daughters in the church and have seven grandchildren.


Mike & Kay Schneider

St. Mary, Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Lago Vista

Mike and Kay are invaluable to the parish. They work with RCIA candidates, coordinate the Art and Environment Committee and coordinate Martha’s Hands program cleaning the church. They are also readers and extraordinary ministers of holy Communion and sing in the choir. They truly represent the Light of Christ at St. Mary, Our Lady of the Lake.


LeeRoy & Donna Shula

St. Mary Mission, Ellinger/Hostyn Hill

LeeRoy and Donna give so very much of their time to the church. LeeRoy helps maintain the facilities and grounds. He is actively involved in the Knights of Columbus. Donna is the Altar Society president and treasurer of the local Catholic Daughters of America Court. Donna is also a lector. Both Donna and LeeRoy are extraordinary ministers of holy Communion.


Tom & Wanda Slye

Christ the King Parish, Belton

Tom and Wanda have exemplified the spirit of Christ as parishioners for more than 20 years. Their hard work and dedication with the beautification of our parish grounds and the preparation of banquets along with involvement in the parish festival have been an integral part of parish life. Tom has been a member of Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus while Wanda has been a member of the Women’s Ministry. They both live their baptismal call by being examples of disciples of Christ.


Lupe & Luz Solano

St. Francis On The Brazos Parish, Waco

Lupe and Luz have given hard work, leadership, effort, energy and time to the parish for the last 15 years. They can be counted on to go the extra mile.


Maria Soo

Emmaus Parish, Lakeway

Maria exemplifies the qualities of generosity and dedication to service to others. She is involved in the parish as a member of the Pastoral Council and as a volunteer in youth ministry, liturgical music, the parish library  and  as  a  lector  and  extraordinary minister of  holy Communion. In all that she does she strives simply to be helpful and supportive of others. She is widely respected in the parish by both staff and volunteers because she does everything humbly and kindly.


Vince & Yvonne Soorholtz

St. William Parish, Round Rock

Yvonne and Vince have been members for more than 30 years and will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary this fall. Throughout these decades they have given witness to the Gospel, not only through their vocation of marriage, but also through ministry in the church. Vince has served as treasurer for the St. Vincent de Paul Society and has volunteered his time as a money counter for the parish. Yvonne has  recently  celebrated  her  20th  anniversary  as  the  coordinator for  elementary  religious education.  She  was  also  on  the  building committee that helped build the present campus. They are the parents of three grown children and welcomed their first grandchild last fall.


Ronald Wayne & Suzanne Sparks

Sacred Heart Parish, Austin

For 12 years, Suzanne has been dressing the parish altar with the liturgical colors for every Mass. She makes the design and sews the flags for the church, altar and ambon cloth. She takes care of laundry for chasubles and altar cloths. She cleans the altar on Saturdays and is an extraordinary minister of holy Communion. She helps, too, with the design and creation of signage for the parish festival booths and helps to set up those booths.


Jim & Maggie Taliano

St. Helen Parish, Georgetown

Jim and Maggie have exemplified generous commitment, love of Christ and dedication to the parish. Jim has led, in superb fashion, the parish Finance Council for many years. Maggie  faithfully led the Greeter Ministry and now continues to assist with music at the Saturday Vigil Mass, as well as at funerals. They are set apart by their devotion to Christ and encouraging spirit.


Vincent & Marie Tana

Visitation Parish, Westphalia

Vincent and Marie have been married for 67 years. Vince attends daily Mass, works at all church and parish hall events and secures all parish buildings. He is an active officer in the Knights of Columbus working at all KC functions. He is also active in Senior Citizens Groups, VFW events honoring fellow veterans at funerals and places flags on each veterans’ grave on Memorial Day. He sets up Flag Raising Tributes, talks and shares his experiences and distributes poppies to school children. Both Vince and Marie show love, concern and true interest for all parishioners – young and old alike.


Geri Telepak

Diocese of Austin

Geri worked for the Diocese of Austin for 12 years. She served first as the director of Family Life and then as the director of Religious Education. She retired in 2015. Under her leadership, parish directors of  religious eduction and  catechists were trained in  a  number  of programs to assist them in administration and the classroom. She taught numerous courses throughout the diocese during her years as director. She is a parishioner of St. John Vianney Parish in Round Rock.


Bobby Terpstra

St. Matthew Mission, Rogers

Bobby is the director of religious education as well as a catechist for the confirmation class. He is an acolyte and regularly assists at the Sunday Mass. In addition, he is a member of the Parish Finance Council and Parish Building Committee. Bobby is very conscientious, works well with children and adults and shows great enthusiasm.


William & Melita Thomas

St. Elizabeth Parish, Pflugerville

Bill and Melita are longtime parishioners. Their interest has been the  well-being  of  the  parish  and  the  Pflugerville  community.  Bill presently serves as chair of the Pastoral Council. For many years Bill has  coordinated  the  extraordinary ministers  of  holy  Communion, Homebound Ministry and Hospitality ministries. Last year Bill started a partnership ministry with Pflugerville ISD on behalf of the parish. With the support of a few volunteers, this ministry reaches out to less fortunate students by providing backpacks with essential non- perishable foods for weekends and school holidays. Melita serves our parish community as a member of the Landscape Committee keeping the flower beds and pots beautiful year round. By their commitment and dedication to ministry, they are a good example of what it takes to make the light of Christ shine in our midst.


José Luis & Maria Elena Valencia

Our Lady of San Juan Mission, Moody

José Luis and Maria Elena have been members for 12 years. They come  to  Mass  every  Saturday  with  their  family  from  Gatesville. They are extraordinary ministers of holy Communion, lectors and religious eduction assistants. They help coordinate rosaries and help in the annual festival, tamale project fundraiser, yard sales, church maintenance and cleaning of the church. José Luis is also an usher.


Ruth Vanoye

St. Mary Catholic Center, College Station

Ruth has been a pillar of the Spanish Mass Community for many years. She faithfully oversees the preparation of the Mass, helping the various lectors, ushers, choir etc. She helps parents in the application for and class for baptism. When necessary she helps the priests in translating their announcements or homilies. But beyond all of this, it is the way she provides a joy-filled presence to the community, both in the parish and in the wider community, that makes her such a light to the nations.


Nathan & April Vecera

Holy Family Mission, Lexington

Nathan has played a leading role in different activities and groups in the parish. He is chair of the Pastoral Council, Advisory Committee on building a commercial kitchen for our Parish Activity Center, improvised as bookkeeper at the church office and helps with recorded music at Sunday’s Masses whenever needed. Nathan has helped and organized the Missionaries of Hope Annual Festival this year hosted at Holy Family’s Parish Activity Center.


Steve & Kathy Venzon

Ascension Parish, Bastrop

Steve and Kathy are dedicated Catholics and well-known to our parish. They have been such a great example in serving and working hard in so many ministries. Their willingness and talents are an example to our parish. They have shown tremendous suport in their leadership and selfless acts of time and dedication to our community. Steve has been involved as an extraordinary minister of holy Communion and Pastoral Council member. Kathy is a bookkeeper. Both of them have inspiried and motivated many other people to serve the parish.


Margaret Vrana

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish, Granger

Margaret is a lifetime parishioner of 83 years. She was baptized and married at this parish. She and her late husband raised five children in the Catholic faith. By encouragement and example of service, Margaret has led all five of her children to play active roles in the parish. She is currently a member of the Legion of Mary and an extraordinary minister of holy Communion bringing the Eucharist to nursing home patients. She lives a prayerful life. Family, friends and co-workers often ask her to pray for their special needs. She is a faithful servant to her church and community. She also enjoys cooking, baking and gardening and shares her goods with family and community.


Sam Weido

St. Anthony Parish, Bryan

Sam is a lifelong member of the parish. He gives great example of sharing one’s time and talent. For more than 50 years he has been an usher and greeted parishioners at the 8 a.m. Mass. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus and St. Anthony’s Men’s Club. His dedication and his willingness to share of time and talent are truly inspiring.


Mike & Lynn Winkler

Our Mother of Sorrows Parish, Burnet

Mike and Lynn meet the expectations of a Christian Catholic person. They are involved in many of the activities of the church, always available to help others. The are very friendly and are always doing things with love to please and serve the Lord.


Frances Wolff

Sacred Heart Mission, Lott

Frances is ever-present in the church community. She serves as the treasurer of the Altar Society, church cleaner, rosary leader, lector, extraordinary  minister  of  holy  Communion  and  on  the  cemetery board. She is a joy to be around and a blessing to our community.


Georgeanne Wood

St. Ferdinand Parish, Blanco

Georganne  has  been  extremely  dedicated  and  committed  in  her service to the church. Besides serving as sacristan, she has exemplified leadership in a variety ways. By her unique contributions, she has helped immensely in the development of the St. Ferdinand Parish Community, especially in the building of the new church.


Bob Young

St. Joseph Mission, Elk

Bob  has  been  a  member  since  birth.  He  is  a  very  devoted  and committeed parishioner who always gives himself in service to the cause of the parish. He was the second lector at the parish and is currently a lector and extraordinary minister of holy Communion. He is president of the Pastoral Council. He has many good leadership qualities as well as a good sense of humor.