Cedarbrake offers summer retreat for divorced

By Catholic Spirit Staff

Cedarbrake Catholic Retreat Center in Belton will present two weekend retreats in the coming months that are designed to offer healing and extend the love of Christ. 
The first retreat “Starting Anew” is for divorced men and women and will be offered July 17-19. Those who have gone through the pains of divorce know what it is like to have the dream of a lifetime of marriage shattered and often they feel out of place in the church that teaches the permanence of marriage. 
“Starting Anew” seeks to acknowledge the pain, but also looks to build new dreams and restore hope that one truly is a vital member of the church and Body of Christ. Brian Egan, director at Cedarbrake, and Beverly Collin, assistant director at Cedarbrake, will lead this retreat. They have worked together for more than 10 years and journeyed with many people through painful times striving to lead them closer to Christ.
“The road to healing can be a long journey, what helps the most is knowing one is not alone,” Collin said. Egan hopes this retreat “is an opportunity to gather with people who have walked a similar path and will be able to support each other through shared stories, challenges and encouragement to go forward in faith.”
The second retreat is “A Retreat for the Scrupulous” and will be offered Sept. 25-27. Scrupulosity has been called “the doubting disease,” or a religious form of a compulsive disorder that is little-known but afflicts many people of faith. 
People may be troubled about past sins they cannot release and others may agonize about problems of obedience and purity. Many worry about sin where there is no sin. Scrupulosity robs a person of the peace and love of Christ that they deserve. 
Redemptorist Father Tom Santa, a priest and pastor in Chicago, will lead this weekend retreat. He brings more than 25 years of experience in ministering to people with scrupulosity. He is the author of “Understanding Scrupulosity: Helpful Answers for Those Who Experience Nagging Questions and Doubts,” and he is the director of “Scrupulosity Anonymous,” a support group to help those who struggle. Father Santa also hosts a weekly radio program entitled “Understanding Scrupulosity” on Radio Maria, US.
“This retreat will probably not free the participant from the experience of scrupulosity, but it will help individuals understand the problem while providing concrete ‘help’ that offer some peace and freedom,” Father Santa said. In addition to presentations by Father Santa, the weekend will include the celebration of Mass and the sacrament of reconciliation. 
To register or for more information about all that is offered at Cedarbrake, visit www.austindiocese.org/cedarbrake or call (254) 780-2436.