Social Justice: Healing our divided nation

By DeKarlos Blackmon

The media brings before us all too often how much the nation is divided. People are hurting and afraid. While it may be tempting to dismiss this consternation and trepidation about the future that some people express, we are challenged to encounter each other in such a way that we break down the dividing walls between us and walk together in hope, not despair. Our bishops –– Bishop Joe Vásquez and Bishop Daniel Garcia –– in their homilies, interviews and other correspondence always bring us back to our critical responsibilities to each other, our living in community, and our roles in making the world a better place.

St. Paul, in the first epistle to Timothy, spoke to the reality of Christians in secular society. He exhorted the whole church to pray for government leaders. We must remember that we are called always to live our lives in and of Christ. Regardless of what political or partisan leanings may be, Christians must exude loving kindness and express respect and dignity for every human person. 
May we keep ever before us the certain reality that Christ came as the mediator for the benefit of the human race. Christ gave himself as a ransom for all: you, me, and the people who don’t look like us, and who may not agree with us. This is why we must pray for each other, and why we must pray for healing in our nation. We must use our words and actions to build up the people and the various communities among us.
As we begin to heal and unite our nation once again, let us continue to ask our God of wisdom and justice, through whom authority is rightly administered, to give counsel and fortitude to all government leaders. Let us continue, in keeping with the instruction given in the first epistle to Timothy, to pray for our nation and all who are in authority (2:1-3).