The Friday E-Pistle (Feb. 24, 2017)

A message from Bishop Vásquez

Lumen Gentium 2017

Earlier this week, information on how to submit Lumen Gentium nominations was e-mailed to all priests. Nominations are due March 31. For questions about Lumen Gentium, contact Christian González.


Reflection question

Gospel meditation

Consider using the following meditation for the Second Sunday of Lent (March 12):

  • Matthew’s version of the Transfiguration focuses on the experience and reaction of the disciples. Peter wants to remain in this glorious place and proposes pitching tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. They are immediately terrified when the voice of God tells them to listen to Jesus. Jesus comforts them and leads them. Are we listenting to the Lord or our own thoughts this Lent? As disciples are we receptive to Jesus and the Holy Spirit to lead us in our daily lives? Are we able to transfigure all things? How is God asking to transform us to be more like Jesus?
  • La versión de Mateo de la Transfiguración se enfoca en la experiencia y la reacción de los discípulos. Pedro quiere permanecer en este glorioso lugar y propone establecer tres chozas para Jesús, Moisés y Elías. Ellos se quedan inmediatamente aterrorizados cuando la voz de Dios les dice que escuchen a Jesús. Jesús los consuela y los guía ¿Estamos escuchando al Señor o a nuestros propios pensamientos durante esta Cuaresma? Como discípulos ¿Somos receptivos a Jesús y al Espíritu Santo para que nos guíen en nuestra vida diaria? ¿Somos capaces de transfigurar todas las cosas? ¿Cómo está Dios pidiéndonos que nos transformemos para ser más como Jesús?


Life, Charity and Justice

Advocacy Day Training

When the Texas Legislature is in session, Catholics come together for the Texas Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day on April 4 hosted by the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops. The event promotes the church's teachings, values and morals and educates others on how to implement them in all aspects of life. The Office of Life, Charity and Justice will host a training session for Advocacy Day on March 2 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the diocesan Pastoral Center. The workshop will include a review of the processes and procedures for petitioning and lobbying, applicable Canon Law, resources for the day of the event, and FAQs. If you plan to attend the training sessions, please register online or ask your parish staff for assistance.


Black Catholics

Courageous Conversation on Racism

The next Courageous Conversation on Racism will be Feb. 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Holy Cross Parish in Austin. The guest speaker will be Wilhelmina Delco, the first black person from Austin elected to the Texas House of Representatives and the Austin Independent School District School Board. The event will include small group discussions on the racial equality gap. All are invited to attend.


Ethics and Integrity in Ministry

Facilitator training

The Ethics and Integrity in Ministry Office is training new facilitators for the EIM Workshop on March 28 and April 8. For more information about being a workshop facilitator, please visit the EIM section of the diocesan website. Those interested in being trained to facilitate the adult EIM Workshop and/or the CTPY program should submit a New Facilitator Application, along with the requested information, to the EIM office. Please e-mail Emily Hurlimann or call (512) 949-2447 with questions. Once the application is received and reviewed by the EIM office, applicants will be contacted with specifics for the upcoming training sessions.


Weekly notes

Bishop Vásquez’ prayer request

Please consider Bishop Vásquez’ prayer request for the Second Sunday of Lent (March 12):

  • That the elect and candidates for full communion into the church may be supported by our example as we exercise the Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting and service, we pray …
  • Que los elegidos y los candidatos para la completa comunión dentro de la Iglesia sean apoyados por nuestro ejempo mientras ejercitamos las disciplinas Cuaresmales de la oración, el ayuno y el servicio, oremos...


Ethics and Integrity in Ministry

EIM Workshop

Click here to login to your EIM account in order to find the workshop schedule and Sign Up for a Workshop (bottom right of your account page). Instructions are provided in case you do not recall how to login to your EIM account. Please contact your parish or Catholic school EIM site administrator if you need assistance or if you do not have Internet access. For general information about EIM workshops, please click here.

EIM Workshops are scheduled by the EIM Office, coordinating with the EIM site administrator at parishes, schools and other diocesan agencies. Staff of any site wishing to host a workshop should coordinate with their EIM site administrator. If the site administrator has arranged workshop details with a facilitator, then an email to the EIM office with those details is sufficient to request a workshop; otherwise workshop requests should be made by the site administrator using the Workshop Request Table. EIM site administrators may direct inquiries about EIM workshop scheduling to Emily Hurlimann in the EIM Office at (512) 949-2447.

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