17. How much does the annulment procedure cost?


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17.  How much does the annulment procedure cost?


The fee for a formal-annulment case is $400 with at least $150 being due at the time the petition is submitted; or you may pay in full.  The remainder can be paid off in monthly payments. The Tribunal is heavily subsidized by the Diocese of Austin. There are many expenses involved in the process and to help defray these expenses you are asked to pay part of the actual costs involved. If a judge determines that a psychological assessment is needed in a case, there will be an additional charge of $90.

It is not our intent to impose any financial hardship on anyone. If you cannot pay the full amount, please let us know. There is a procedure form in the packet explaining what do to in cases of hardship. No case will be turned down due to a person's inability to pay the fee! Your case will be heard just like any other, and in the same amount of time. Money will never influence the work of justice.

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