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“Ask Your Canonist” Blog-A spot where questions can be asked of our diocesan canonists.

  1. If the Respondent does not want to participate and the parties are communicative will it help (with time) if the Respondent responds to that affect?

Answer: When the Respondent is cited, the will have the opportunity to indicate if they wish to participate. Check the attached form and you will see. They are also asked if they are for, against, or indifferent regarding the nullity process. If they respond with this form (no matter the response) it will speed up the process. No response is the worst case since there is a period of waiting for a response, then a second citation, followed by a waiting period.

2. If an individual is seeking an annulment and during the process they marry civilly does that marriage have an adverse impact on the petition?

Answer: Not really.  From a practical point of view, if they were honest with the petition, they have already indicated that they have an "intended spouse."  But from a canonical point of view remarriage does not affect the petition.  The decisions of a case are based on the facts at the time of the marriage, not what happens afterward.  Sometimes what happens afterward is additional information regarding what was probable or actual before the marriage.  Remarriage without a declaration of nullity does, however, exclude the person from some sacraments, like the Eucharist.