Catholic Foundation

The Catholic Foundation – Diocese of Austin is a non-profit organization established to provide endowments for the Diocese of Austin and its parishes, schools, agencies and organizations.  The Foundation was established in 2007 to provide a means for individuals and organizations to provide long-term financial stability for the diocese and its churches, schools, agencies and organizations.  Through the creation of individual endowments, the Foundation provides a means to generate income to help sustain the long-term strength and viability of these Catholic institutions in central Texas.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors composed of clergy and lay people.  The Board’s objective is to pursue an investment policy consistent with reasonable growth while prudently safeguarding the principal.  The directors are leaders in their parishes and communities and are accountable to both donors and recipients.  As good stewards, they have hired professional investment counsel to manage and invest the assets of the Foundation and have had the Foundation’s year end financial statements audited. The investment strategy is guided by the foundation’s investment policy and includes socially responsible investing guidelines established by the USCCB.

For more information, please visit or contact Scott Whitaker at or (512) 949-2441.