Diaconate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question #1:

I have been asked to preside at a family member’s wedding in another diocese.  What are the procedures I should follow to obtain proper permission to preside?  Response.

Question #2:

The parents of child recently approached me and told me that their child was baptized in the parish several years ago.  The baptism was duly recorded, including the names of the godparents.  Recently, the parents of the child had a “falling out” with the godparents.  They now wish the names of the godparents to be stricken from the official register and substituted with the names of two other persons who have agreed to assist the parents in the Christian formation of the child.  The parents want a new baptismal certificate issued with the names of the substituted godparents.  Is this possible?  Response.

Question #3:

What is the proper manner for the deacon to prepare the chalice on the altar?  I visited another diocese and saw that the deacon blessed the cruet containing the water when he was preparing the chalice.  I have seen a priest pour water into the flagon and not the chalice.  I have also seen a priest pour water into each of the chalices. Response.

Question #4

I was scheduled to preside at one of our parish’s regularly scheduled baptisms.  Shortly before the baptisms I realized that one of the children to be baptized was a 10-year old boy.  Quite a few family members were present.  The pastor of the parish was not on the parish campus.  How should I proceed? Response.

Question #5

May a deacon serve on the pastoral council or the finance council at the parish at which the deacon is assigned?  Response.

Question #6

I administer the RCIA Program at our parish.  Occasionally, a question arises as to whether a person was baptized.  When is a conditional baptism appropriate?  Response.

Question #7

I periodically preside at a communion service at a nursing home.  Because there is no tabernacle at the nursing home, I stop by my parish and bring the Eucharist in a large pyx to the communion service. Am I required to go directly to the communion service or may I (for various reasons) make stops before I go to the communion service?  Response.

Question #8:

Should the deacon purify the sacred vessels after Holy Communion at the altar or at the credence table? Response.

 Question #9:

Immediately after the wedding at which I presided, I noticed that the license was issued 45 days before the date of the wedding.  Doesn’t the marriage license expire in 30 days in Texas?  If so, what action should I take? Response.

Question #10:

When visiting other parishes I noticed that there are differences in the order of the procession at the beginning of Mass.  Is there a particular order that should be followed?  Response

Question #11:

Question: #11

May I fulfill my annual continuing education requirements by on-line courses or seminars? Response