Facilities Office

The diocesan Director of Facilities Planning, Pat Baker, (512) 949-2400, will guide you through the process of funding, designing and building your parish project.

After your project has been approved you will hire an architect and/or engineer.  You may be required to appear with your architect and/or engineer before the Diocesan Building Commission for approval of your architect/engineer. Once you have completed the preliminary design and cost estimate you must present the total project cost to the Diocesan Finance Council for approval of the project budget.

Our goal is to make your project successful and to avoid delays and budget overruns. You should avail yourselves of the diocesan consultants to make certain that any parish construction project is built to the highest standards and that is architecturally and liturgically appropriate.

The Diocese of Austin, as the owner of property that has great monetary value, has the responsibility to be good stewards of all assets entrusted to us.  We can accomplish this by following diocesan policy and taking advantage of the experts serving the Diocese.  It is the joint responsibility of all of us to see that all construction projects reflect our good stewardship.