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Our Mission

The mission of the office of Family Life is to provide services that affirm the sacredness of life, the sanctity of marriage, the sacramentality of the family, and a Christian lifestyle, through all phases of human growth and development. Services are provided in the spirit of the Catholic vision of the family as the "domestic Church" and a "school of holiness." Activities include formation and continuing support in the areas of marriage preparation, marriage enrichment and dissolution, natural family planning, human sexuality, Theology of the Body, and chaste living.

►Encounter. Transform. Witness.

Bishop Joe Vásquez celebrated Mass for the Movement of Catholic Families in the Diocese of Austin on January 7, 2017 at St. William, Round Rock.



"Marriage is the commitment of love between a man and a woman...  We believe that the sacrament of matrimony or vocation of marriage is one of the primary ways that we as individuals encounter Jesus Christ" (Bishop Joe Vásquez, Catholic Spirit, 6/2015).

Preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage in the Catholic Church is a joyful journey that you are about to begin. The protocols and steps to follow are outlined here. (Read More...)

Marriage Enrichment

  • Are you married now? Are you thinking about getting married? Either way, you can receive support on your journey. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has created a new website full of resources and information on how you can live happily ever after; click below:





  • The following organizations provide marriage enrichment in English and Spanish in the Diocese of Austin:
  1. Austin Marriage Encounter -
  2. Retrouvaille –
  3. Counceling Services - Contact Catholic Charities or click HERE



Do not be afraid to invite Jesus to your wedding feast, to invite Him to our home, that He may be with us and safeguard the family.  And we mustn't be afraid to also invite his Mother Mary!  When Christians marry "in the Lord," they are transformed into an effective sign of God's love.  Christians do not marry for themselves alone: they marry in the Lord for the good of the entire community, society as a whole. -Pope Francis, April 29


THE JOY OF LOVE (AMORIS LAETITIA): Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation on Love in the Family

April 8, 2016 Pope Francis released his new apostolic exhortation ("Amoris Laetitia").  It covers a wide range of topics related to marriage and family life.  The exhortation encourages married couples, families, and pastoral ministers to accompany families and others in the world.

Click HERE for a copy of the document

Click HERE for more resources

The Family: The First and Most Important School of MERCY

... the family is the first school of love and consequently the first school of mercy.  However, the family is not embraced by the culture and rather is rebutted by fears of commitment, responsibility, and sacrifice...READ MORE

Year of Mercy: click on the picture for resources