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Reicher Catholic High School
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Marilyn Michalka
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(254) 752-8349 Fax: (254) 752-8408
Job Description: 

Assistant Principal Job Description

Ministerial Character
The pastor and the principal are the visible foundation of the school which the Bishop has entrusted to the pastor and principal. Together with the pastor, the principal makes Christ’s mission present and enduring in the school. In order to fulfill this mission, the principal employs suitable, chosen collaborators. The principal shares with them Christ’s mission and entrusts various responsibilities to them.
Positions employed in the school help to extend the ministry of the pastor and the principal in particular ways as outlined in the job description. Therefore, the employee in this position is closely connected to and assists the pastor and the principal in the performance of their ministry and thereby engages in ministry for the Church.

Job Summary
The Assistant Principal fulfills the mission of the Catholic school by working with the principal in the management of the school, faculty, staff, and students with major emphasis on curriculum and instruction, as well as student discipline. This position reports to and is evaluated by the principal.


• Supports and upholds the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of the school
• Acts as a witness to Gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Catholic Church
• Supports and adheres to the Code of Conduct and policies and procedures of the school and Diocese
• Maintains confidentiality regarding school matters
• Supports and assists with the responsibilities of the principal
• Serves as the principal in the principal’s absence
• Assists in the general administration of the school
• Supports the communication, training, and supervision of the faculty and staff
• Assists in planning for staff development, curriculum , educational textbooks and materials, and student testing
• Maintains documentation of instructional planning
• Carries out the disciplinary policies of the school
• Interprets and enforces school policies
• Designs the master schedule
• Assists with faculty and other meetings
• Provides direct supervision of school sponsored activities
• Communicates effectively with students, parents, and other professionals
• Demonstrates professionalism in conduct, demeanor, and work habits
Essential Duties (continued)
• Maintains a work schedule that maximizes availability to the school, students and staff
• Collaborates with peers to enhance the work environment and support instructional planning
• Monitors students regarding tardiness, absences, and those on academic probation
• Oversees faculty and staff committees, as assigned
• Observes and evaluates instruction and provides constructive feedback on performance
• Supports the preparation of handbooks
• Supports the referral process for student evaluation within the public school system

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

• Knowledge of the basic teachings of the Catholic Church
• Knowledge of curriculum, instructional methods/strategies, and curriculum differentiation
• Knowledge of child development, learning and behavior
• Able to manage student behavior
• Able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form
• Able to work well with others in a school community
• Skill in handling multiple tasks simultaneously
• Skill in job appropriate technology
• Skill in critical thinking and planning

Minimum Qualifications: 

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree and pursuing a master’s degree
• Pursuing 18 hours in educational administration and supervision

• Has successful teaching experience

Certifications and Training:
• Certification/Licenses: Meets TCCED requirements for assistant principal
• Must submit an Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) Application for Ministry within the first week of employment, participate in an EIM Basic abuse prevention training workshop within 60 days of submitting a complete Application for Ministry, and maintain EIM compliance during the entire term of employment
• Without a Theology degree, must complete Religion Certification Part 1 within two years of the date of hire, completing a minimum of 25 hours each year.
• In a commitment to ongoing formation in catechetical and spiritual leadership development, the principal will continue Religion Certification Part 2 at a minimum of one class per year.

How to Apply: 

Please complete job application form found on our website at and e-mail it along with your resume to