Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation

Contact Name: 
Irene De La Rosa
Email Address:
Phone Number: 
(254) 773-1561 Fax: (254) 773-3710
Job Description: 

Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation
St. Luke Catholic Church - Temple, TX

The Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation upholds the mission of the Church to evangelize and bring others to Christ. This position has a dual leadership role that works simultaneously:
1) Evangelization which advocates the implementation of the goals of "Go and Make Disciples" within the active community; the inactive community and the unchurched.
2) Catechesis which is the overall responsibility for the parish catechetical formation of children, youth and adults. Critical to the position is the ability to utilize and incorporate new media and communication methods and explore new approaches to Christian Formation in order to form disciples who make disciples.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

1. A missionary disciple with the resolve and confidence to develop an
evangelizing culture.
2. An understanding of the cultural challenges impacting the faith of
youth, millennials and young families, as well as knowledge or
experience in ways to address these challenges.
3. Catholic in good standing, Bachelor's Degree in Religious
Education/Theology or other related field is required. A Master's
Degree in Religious Education/Theology or other related field is
4. Three years or more professional experience and ongoing formal education
may substitute for a Master's.
5. Must be flexible in working days and hours, ability to interact will
with many people; assess, plan and implement programs in a timely manner.
6. compliance with background check and EIM is necessary.
7. Director must be proficient in computer programs (Word, Excel, Power
Point, etc.) and traditional and innovative communication technology;
willing to learn new software and programs.
8. Ability to assess needs and use results to develop catechetical
9. Leadership and team building abilities to direct religious education and
sacramental preparation programs.
10. Possesses excellent planning, organizational and collaborative skills.
11. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to
work well with others.
12. Working knowledge of management, supervision and administration; knows
needs and resources of parish community; must have updated knowledge of
educational and catechetical trends and practices.
13. Ability to work under pressure, must initiate, be creative, and
anticipate solutions to problems; needs good judgment in emergency
situations and when working with varied personalities and cultures;
must be able to work under frequent interruptions.
14. Ability to maintain accurate fiscal records, and budgetary and
statistical data.