Head Football Coach

St. Gabriel's Catholic School
Contact Name: 
Riley Litherland
Email Address: 
Phone Number: 
(512) 327-7755 Fax: (512) 328-4192
Job Description: 

• Supports and upholds the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of the school
• Acts as a witness to Gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Catholic Church
• Willing and able to invest into the development all student-athletes involved with the program


• Foster among the participants and spectators an appreciation of the values of athletics, a desire to perform at the highest level, an attitude of good sportsmanship, and a sense of pride in self, team, school, and community.
• With Director, hiring, placement, and evaluation of all assistant coaches
• Instruction and training of assistant coaches with regard to program culture, program goals, try-out procedures, identity, styles, and systems of play
• Direct the training, conditioning, and performance of the program and lead and supervise the assistant coaches in their efforts with teams assigned to them.
• In accordance with the schedule, be present for all try-outs, practices, and games
• Recommend to the athletic operations manager the type and amount of equipment and supplies needed to conduct the program.
• Become knowledgeable with all AIPL rules and regulations
• Engage with the parents of the members in a positive and constructive manner.
• Communicate with parents on a regular basis to form unity and cohesion.
• Communicate with Director regarding scores and stand out players of every competition
• Communicate with Director if a player does not return to play after an injury
• At the end of events, remain present until every student from your team has been accounted for
• Attend the end of season party and present awards and recognitions
• Emphasize the importance of academic excellence and assist in maintaining high academic standards for members of the program
• Promote the program within the school and community

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

Must love teaching and coaching middle school students
• Possesses the verbal and written communication skills expected of an educated individual
• Hired and evaluated by Director of Student Activities

Minimum Qualifications: 

Five years of prior coaching experience
Head coaching experience preferred

How to Apply: 

Send resume and cover letter to the Director of Student Activities, Riley Litherland at rlitherland@sgs-austin.org