Lunchroom Monitor - Part time

St. Theresa's Catholic School
Contact Name: 
Mila Dinglasan/Debbie Solcher
Email Address:
Phone Number: 
(512) 451-7105 Fax: (512) 451-8808
Job Description: 

Part time Lunchroom Monitors to assist with supervision of students during their lunch and recess times. The Lunchroom Monitors assist in maintaining the safety of the students and cleanliness of the lunchroom and recess areas.


Supervises students in the lunch and recess areas with regard to safety and behavior
Demonstrates professionalism in conduct, demeanor and work habits
Assists with cleaning of the lunch areas
Supports and adheres to the Code of Conduct, policies and procedures of
the school and Diocese
Maintains confidentiality regarding school matters
Other duties as assigned by the Principal

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

Knowledge of the basic teachings of the Catholic Church
Able to communicate effectively both orally and verbally
Able to work well with others in the school community
Skill in organizing and relating information in an understandable format
Skill in handling multiple tasks simultaneously

Minimum Qualifications: 

High School diploma or GRE

How to Apply: 

**We are accepting applications and interviewing to start work on January 04, 2017.**

Please forward your resume or contact information to Mrs. Dinglasan at Mrs. Dinglasan will contact you. Thank you!