Parish Business Administrator

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Fr. Uche Andeh
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(979) 542-0217 Fax: (979) 542-4186
Job Description: 

Ministerial Character
The Pastor is the visible principle and foundation of unity in the Parish (Saint Margaret Catholic Church – Giddings, Texas) which the Bishop has entrusted to him. He makes Christ’s mission present and enduring in the parish. In order to fulfill his mission, the Pastor employs suitable, chosen collaborators with whom he shares his mission and entrusts various responsibilities.

Positions employed at Saint Margaret Catholic Church – Giddings, Texas help to extend the ministry of the Pastor in particular ways as outlined in the job description. Therefore, the employee in this position is closely connected to and assists the Pastor in the performance of his ministry and thereby engages in ministry for the Church.

Job Summary:
The Parish Business Administrator is responsible for the daily operation and business activity of the Parish. The responsibility of the Parish Business Administrator includes but is not limited to overseeing and directing the financial activities of the parish, supervising other parish staff, and overseeing the scheduling and maintenance of parish facilities. The position reports to the Pastor and operates under general supervision with wide latitude for the use of discretionary judgment and initiative. 


● Oversee and direct administrative, business, and financial activities of the parish, including but not limited to budgeting, payment of bills and payroll, bookkeeping, construction, and maintenance of the parish census. 
● Supervise parish office and maintenance/custodial staff and work collaboratively with parish ministries and outside groups to ensure programs and projects are completed within time frames and according to established guidelines. 
● Oversee the parish calendar and use of parish facilities, including Masses, funerals, weddings, quinceañeras, and other liturgical activities.
● Manage priest’s calendars and appointments.
● Function as the parish contact in building and construction projects, working closely with the Diocese of Austin Director of Facilities Planning to ensure compliance with diocesan requirements, and coordinating and communicating with contractors, architects, the pastor, any building committee, and others to ensure the parish interests are protected and goals are achieved. 
● Ensure physical facilities are operational and that preventive maintenance schedules are followed.
● Work with the parish finance council to provide information and obtain guidance. 
● Oversee parish-wide communication tools, especially the weekly bulletin, the parish website, church bulletin boards, social media, and weekend announcements.
● Review and respond to communication to the parish, including phone, mail, and email. 
● Process and record weekly offertory collections from church Masses, and record monthly online contributions received through WeShare Online giving.

● Recruit and organize parish volunteers to assist with liturgical ministries, devotions, weekly money counting, light office work, and light maintenance work.
● Manage and update the church database (PDS) and supervise data entry of tithe envelopes.
● Maintain a work schedule that maximizes availability to parish staff and the faithful.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

● Knowledge of the structure and hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.
● Knowledge of Business Administration.
● Skill in use of accounting and bookkeeping practices.
● Skill in use of general office management techniques.
● Skill in evaluating situations, machinery, and structures for safety risks, needed repairs, and functionality.
● Skill in planning, organizing, and following through on multiple tasks and changing deadlines.
● Skill in communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing.
● Skill in using basic business software and database products – Word, Excel, Power Point, Paint, Adobe - email, outlook, Internet, PDS, QuickBooks.
● Ability to use Parish computers and software to produce financial and other reports.
● Ability to work collaboratively with others, including outside groups, internal staff, volunteers, and parish organizations.
● Ability to effectively supervise staff and volunteers.
● Ability to maintain confidentiality.
● Ability to work evenings and weekends when necessary.
● Ability to work with diverse groups and mediate disputes and grievances.
● Ability to provide excellent customer service and work effectively with staff, clergy, religious, and laity.

Minimum Qualifications: 

● Bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, or related field from an accredited American university or equivalent in a foreign country.
● Two (2) years of full time wage earning experience in management or business administration.
● Bilingual English-Spanish (proficient in writing and speaking).
Catholic Requirement:
● Must be a practicing Roman Catholic in good standing.
● Valid Texas driver’s license.
● Must maintain compliance with the Diocese of Austin Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) policies throughout the employment period

How to Apply: 

Email all applications, resume and cover letter to
Along with these, we would like to have a list of three references with their contact information.