Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Cathedral School of Saint Mary
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Robert LeGros
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(512) 476-1480 Fax: (512) 476-9922
Job Description: 

The Teacher fulfills the mission of the Catholic school by planning, guiding, and evaluating the learning process of the students in the Catholic school for whom the teacher is responsible within the framework of the school’s philosophy, organization, and curriculum. The Teacher provides the appropriate learning atmosphere and activities designed to maximize student competencies and skills for intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual growth toward a successful future. The teacher has decision making responsibilities within essential job functions, in keeping with school policies. The position is hired and evaluated by the principal.


•Collaborates with peers to enhance the work environment and support instructional planning
•Conferences with parents upon request and responds to messages in a timely manner
•Demonstrates gains in student performance that are in keeping with school goals
•Demonstrates a willingness to respond to individual learning needs
•Able to manage student behavior in classroom setting
•Able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form
•Able to work well with others in the school community
•Skill in handling multiple tasks simultaneously
•Skill in pacing and differentiating instruction
•Skill in motivating and engaging students in the learning process
•Participate in extracurricular activities

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

•Supports and upholds the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of the school
•Acts as a witness to Gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Catholic Church
•Supports and adheres to the Code of Conduct and policies and procedures of the school and Diocese
•Maintains confidentiality regarding school matters
•Plans for instruction with logically sequenced objectives, based on adopted curriculum and submitted according to the local school policy
•Provides appropriate material and resources for students to engage in learning
• Uses effective instructional methods/models according to professional standard practice
•Uses varied assessment tools to perform both formative and summative assessments
•Provides instruction and assessment for understanding
•Maintains current and accurate records according to school policy
•Practices positive, consistent discipline in the management of the classroom
•Communicates with parents regarding academic, behavioral, or safety concerns
•Meets staff development guidelines as set forth by the Diocese/local administration
•Demonstrates professionalism in conduct, demeanor, and work habits

Minimum Qualifications: 

•Bachelor’s degree
•Meets the minimum requirements for teaching field as set forth by the Diocese and TCCED
•Knowledge of the basic teachings of the Catholic Church
•Knowledge of subjects taught, instructional methods/strategies, and curriculum differentiation
•Knowledge of child development, learning, and behavior
•Bilingual preferred 

How to Apply: 

Submit resume to