Missions Office


Office of Mission and Mission Education

6225 Highway 290 East

Austin, Texas 78723-1025

(512) 949-2407



The Office of Mission and Mission Education together with the Department of Social Concerns works to cultivate a greater understanding of our mission identity that comes from our baptism. Together we seek to establish dialogue and be of assistance to our diocesan departments, parishes, clergy, the laity, and schools to promote mission awareness, to stimulate mission education endeavors, to cultivate mission spirituality, and nurture missionary activity.

The mission office and the Diocesan Mission Council work on continuing the mission of Jesus Christ and the Diocese of Austin. We foster and promote missionary activity by supporting and sending local missionary groups to various parts of the world. By participation in the Missionary Cooperative plan, we welcome missionaries from numerous areas of the globe so the missionary spirit of the people of God may be heightened and be strengthened by interacting with missionaries.

The Diocese of Austin supports the U. S. Catholic Mission Association in promoting mission and global solidarity. Through our membership with USCMA, we join to share the common goal of supporting people committed to the cross-cultural and global mission of Jesus Christ in service to Church and the world.