Mission Council


Mission Council

The Mission Council of the Diocese of Austin supports and promotes the missionary efforts of the diocese. The Council collaborates with and participates in the activities of the Texas Mission Council.

Our annual “Ashes to Easter” Lenten Mission project affirms and encourages local missionary groups and other mission activities of the diocese. This mission collection spearheaded by Msgr. Tom Frank in the 1980s began as a parish project supporting works of charity and the missions. Ashes to Easter became an annual diocesan project in 1991. By 1992, this mission project of placing alms into small coin boxes became part of the Mission Council.

Each year, Catholics contribute more than $100,000 to support local missionary efforts in and outside of the Diocese of Austin.

In 2014, the Diocese of Austin supported lay mission groups working in:

  • Livingston (Rio Dulce), Guatemala
  • Bogata, Colombia
  • El Progresso and Monte de Olivos, Honduras
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia


In addition,the Diocese of Austin supports Holy Cross Mission Center for their historic work within the diocese and with Ashes to Easter Funds for their mission works in Monterrey, Mexico.


The Mission Council supports the Austin Diocese by:

  • Accepting and reviewing applications for Ashes to Easter and the Missionary Cooperative Plan
  • Developing guidelines for mission groups that include a formation process, an immersion experience and a re-entry process
  • Ensuring that missioners are in union with our local bishop, the diocesan bishop, and the local church, in which they have been sent to serve.