Missions Policy

Diocesan Policy on Mission Appeals


In order to serve the needs of the people of God in the Diocese of Austin and to be responsible stewards of the gifts given to the diocese, the Diocese of Austin issues the following policy:

   I. All parishes are required to participate in the Missionary Cooperative
      Plan by receiving a missionary assigned by the Mission Office.

           A. All parishes are required to take up the Propagation of the
               Faith Collection.

        B. All parishes are strongly encouraged to participate in the
            Ashes to Easter program of the diocese.

II. On occasion, parishes and schools receive appeals and requests
    for financial support from other missionaries and groups.

          A. Since every parish is asked to participate in the above
              mission appeals, additional requests may be accepted at
              the pastor’s discretion.

        1. Therefore, every pastor is free to invite mission groups
            that he believes will help his parish/school fulfill its own
            call to engage the Church’s missionary work.

          B. Pastors are reminded to acquire the necessary testimonial
              of suitability for every priest/religious or a letter from a pastor,
              bishop, religious superior for any missionary, lay, or religious 
              coming into his parishes or schools.

                 1. See Chapter V: Forms in this manual for what is required.

          C. All funds collected from any of the above missionary collections
              are to be sent to the diocesan Finance Office so that all checks
              can be sent from the Diocese of Austin.

             1. This provides complete financial transparency and
                 accountability for parishes and the diocese.

   III. The Mission Office is ready to help parishes to document mission
        groups through reference to the Pontifical Mission Society list, the
        Official Catholic Directory,or membership in the U.S. Catholic Mission


July 20, 2012

Version 4.2