Future Full of Hope

Spouses are called to be open to accepting a child from God. No one can guarantee that each couple will receive this gift. This can be a painful truth for couples who have longed to conceive and raise a child together. Their suffering should call forth the sympathy and support of others and of the whole church. Yet, as Pope John Paul II has said, husband and wife in their love for each other can also learn to redirect their openness to children to become open to life in many other ways that are badly needed today: “to couples who cannot have children of their own I say: you are no less loved by God; your love for each other is complete and fruitful when it is open to others, to the needs of the apostolate, to the needs of the poor, to the needs of orphans, to the needs of the world." (Life-Giving Love in an Age of Technology, issued by USCCB, November 17, 2009)

  • Prayer and Emotional Support
    • Future Full of Hope Prayer Service is an annual prayer service held during NFP Awareness Week (the week of July 25), for couples struggling with infertility.  All are welcome to join us for an evening of prayer for those we know who are struggling with the painful cross of infertility.
    • Sarah's Hope and Abraham's Promise, a movement of the Rabboni Institute, is a free spiritual support program for couples struggling with infertility problems or pregnancy loss.
  • Help for Conception
    • Natural Family Planning helps a couple to know their bodies and their natural combined fertility. Many couples have successfully conceived after learning and practicing Natural Family Planning.  Learn more at
    • Even small, simple changes in your nutrition and environment can significantly enhance your ability to conceive.  For more information click here.
    • Natural Procreative (NaPro) Technology is completely in harmony with Catholic teaching, works to help your body work as it should and is often times far more effective than techniques such as in vitro fertilization, which is contrary both to the dignity of marriage and the dignity of human life.
      • Learn more here.
      • Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides of the Vitae Clinic is a NaPro Technology practicioner in Austin.
  • ​​Adoption​

For information on the Catholic Church’s teachings on Reproductive Technologies please click here.