Men & Abortion

Abortion affects men

Many men say they do not have easy time after someone close them has an abortion.  Whether they chose it or not, they often feel helpless and angry afterwards, and they feel less trust in women.  Nearly all say it was the worst experience of their lives.

After abortion, men’s anger can lead them into drug use, alcoholism, violence and employment difficulties.  Men can have a hard time with authority, with women, and with commitment of any kind.

Whether you pressured, helped out of a sense of “support,” left her alone, sat on the fence or tried to stop it, abortion affects you, and Project Rachel is for you.

In our retreats, men find healing and renewal of relationships, even when they are just coming to support someone else.

If your significant other had an abortion, you are bearing part of the burden, even without knowing it.  If you are the child or sibling of a mother who aborted, you may feel hurt and suffer some effects that you never knew were connected to abortion.  If you helped or advised a friend or relative to abort, thinking it would be a solution for her, you may have had a gnawing sense of incompleteness or guilt – a hollow inside.  You can feel whole again.

Men find a renewal of their manhood, their strength, their trust and their freedom when they step up and take responsibility for an abortion, even if they are simply accepting the support and fathering role that another man rejected.

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