Catechist Certification Program / El Programa de Certificación de Catequista

Commitment to the Ministry of Catechesis


Commitment to the Ministry of Catechesis

Bishop Vásquez' Letter Regarding Certification Requirements



Chart for Catechist Certification Levels 1-3 

Chart for DRE Certification 

Chart for Catholic Schools 

In answering the call, a catechist becomes a witness to the faith by sharing his/her faith commitment through word, worship, service experience and prayer.

In making a commitment, the catechist/Catholic school religion teacher becomes responsible for:

  • Continuing their spiritual development through taking time to nourish their own personal relationship with the Lord;
  • Becoming aware of and faithfully attempting to witness and teach only authentic Church teachings;
  • Continuing their own personal and educational development through attendance at courses and workshops;
  • Attending all class sessions and any other in-services required by the parish and the Diocese of Austin, preparing lessons and organizing age-appropriate materials needed for class activities;
  • Providing a positive classroom atmosphere;
  • Evaluating regularly their own teaching techniques, being sensitive to cultural differences and special needs of students;
  • Collaborating with and affirming parents as the primary educators of their children’s faith formation.


In order to complete the Catechist Certification Program, a catechist must complete all the classes listed below plus all prerequisite classes including the Echoes of Faith Program, the Catholic Adult Faith Formation classes and required retreats.



Catechetical Required Courses/Cursos Obligatorios de Catequesis

National Directory of Catechesis

4 hours 

Evangelization and Catechesis  

4 hours 

Chaste Living / Clase de Castidad

8 hours 

Learning Theories & Learning Styles  

4 hours 

Building Intercultural Competency in Ministry

12 hours 

Catechizing for a Just World  

8 hours

Media & Technology 

6 hours