CSA Frequently Asked Questions – Questions & Answers

Q How will the CSA funds be used?

A Funds will be used to support only those diocesan programs and ministries outlined in the case for support. No funds will be distributed to outside organizations or used for political purposes.


Q Is the Catholic Services Appeal a good opportunity for evangelization and stewardship?

A A well-balanced and effective campaign can unite clergy and laity to work together as one Church. The Catholic Services Appeal can be an extraordinary opportunity to reach out to all. Parishioners will develop a better understanding of what our diocese currently does and its obligations to the community. This often leads to greater involvement and support. Ultimately, the renewal experience it can give to a parish may be far greater than merely the dollars raised.

Q Who will be asked to support the Catholic Services Appeal?

A Every Catholic household in the Diocese of Austin will be asked for its prayerful consideration of a gift to the Catholic Services Appeal.

Q To whom should an initial payment check be made payable?

A An initial payment check should be made payable to “Catholic Services Appeal.”

Q How should subsequent payments be made?

A A donor will receive a monthly statement from the diocese for remaining pledge payments. Donors may also choose to use electronic giving through their bank or a credit card as indicated on their pledge card.

Q Can a donor go online to make a pledge to the Catholic Services Appeal?

A Yes.  A donor can go to the Diocese of Austin website at www.austindiocese.org and click on the "Donate" button to make an online gift.

Q Are pledges and one-time gifts the only kinds of gifts accepted by the Catholic Services Appeal?

A While cash gifts and pledges are most common, it may be advantageous to the donor to make a gift of appreciated stock. If a donor offers to make a gift of appreciated stock, please contact Lisa Rosenberger at (512) 949-2450 or lisa-rosenberger@austindiocese.org.

Q Can trust and estate-type gifts be made to the Diocese of Austin?

A Yes. If a donor offers a planned gift, the parish should refer them to Lisa Rosenberger at (512) 949-2450 or