Roman Missal Options


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To help mark the distinct season, the presider may choose to switch to a different form.



Although there are several invocations that may be used for the third form, there are several optional invocations found in Appendix VI in the back of the Missal. In that appendix, Option I may be most appropriate since it speaks of the past, present and future comings of Christ.  Option II uses phrases such as “Mighty God and Prince of Peace,” “Son of Mary,” and “Word made flesh.”  Option II may thus be a better choice for the Christmastime season.



Because of the very nature of the season of Advent, the presider may find the use of Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation II to be appropriate during the first part of the season since its focus in on the second coming of Christ and the establishment of God’s Kingdom.



The first and second acclamations for the Mystery of Faith both refer to Christ’s second coming.



There are two seasonal Prefaces found in the Roman Missal. Preface I of Advent, which speaks of the two comings of Christ, is used from the First Sunday of Advent through December 16.  Preface II of Advent, which describes the expectation of Christ’s coming and specifically mentions the nativity, is used in Masses of Advent from December 17-December 24.



There is an option to use a Solemn Blessing that is specific to Advent. It can be found in the section entitled “Blessings at the End of Mass and Prayers Over the People,” which can be found immediately after the Order of the Mass in the Roman Missal.  There is also the possibility of selecting one of the 26 choices for a Prayer over the People.