Together Encounter Christ (TEC)

What is TEC?

TEC (Together Encounter Christ) is an intergenerational movement focused on the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ. TEC is a high energy and spirit filled retreat where young adults explore and deepen their faith. Weekends are filled with witness talks, group discussions, personal reflections/prayer, recreations and live music. The TEC audience is young adults ages 17 (or a 2nd semester junior) to 24 years of age. Adults above the age of 24 who would like to serve on a TEC retreat are invited to do so, first as an adult observing cadidate, then as part of the team.

What happens at TEC?
TEC of Central Texas is a 3-day retreat hosted at Eagles Wings Retreat Center. Teens experience a fresh, faith-filled atmosphere away from home, school, and work. Young people meet, reflect, and share how they see themselves, their ideals, and their hopes/dreams while finding God’s presence in their life.

Who leads the weekend?
TEC of Central Texas weekends are conducted by a team of adults and students that may include people from all vocations, who have experienced at least one TEC weekend themselves as a candidate. The team meets several times before the weekend begins, to plan the activities and build a sense of community among team members. They are eager to share this wonderful experience with anyone able to attend.

When is TEC in 2016?
January 16-18
June 24-26
September 3-5

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