Staff Sergeants

Greetings, potential Staff Sergeants…

…we are happy to see that you have taken an interest in this assignment. The next step is to read through these orders and discern if this is a mission you feel called to accept. 

The Time Commitment

The time you will spend preparing for this retreat is different and more structured than what you may be accustomed to. The requirement for Staff Sergeants will include preparation for the event prior to the camp dates. There will be three meetings to prepare for Cross Training. All three trainings are mandatory so you will need to make sure you’re available for these meetings before committing to this assignment.


As a Staff Sergeant, you will have a vital role in the execution of Cross Training 2015. For this reason, the meetings are necessary to fully prepare for Cross Training. The weekend Boot Camp is especially important- it will be an extended training to prepare you for our tasks and talks. Think of this session as a “run-through” before the weekend. Each Staff Sergeant will have an important role and will be in charge of specific tasks for the weekend which will be planned and rehearsed during the training sessions.

The Expectations

Staff Sergeants are required to serve as a model representative of the Catholic faith and Diocese of Austin through action and speech from the moment of recruitment. We will expect great integrity and respect from you toward the staff, your fellow officers, and especially to the recruits. After the “induction rituals,” you will be expected to socialize with the recruits for the duration of the camp at all times. As Staff Sergeant, you will be assigned to a company and expected to take care of them throughout the camp. They are to be treated as comrades and fellow soldiers for Christ. Failure to  adhere to these expectations may result in ‘Dishonorable Discharge.’ Further information and planning will be disclosed at the training sessions.