Religious Emblem Counselor

Catholic Religious Emblem Counselor 

Religious Emblem Counselor (REC) training is for adults who wish to become a religious emblem counselor.

For the safety of our children, all volunteers in the Diocese of Austin are required to

  • Attend an Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) workshop
  • Complete an online volunteer application and background check.

This is in addition to the training required by your girls or boys Scouting organization.  


All Scouts in 7th grade and above who seek to earn their religious emblem must work with a trained religious emblem counselor.  To complete this training, a counselor must attend a Religious Emblem Training Retreat. There they will receive their Religious Emblem Counselor (REC) training and their Lay Apostolate Formation (LAF) training.

Upcoming Training Events:

Are you a Catholic Scouter who would like to offer Roman Catholic Religious Emblem programs to Catholic Scouts in your pack, troop, or crew? 
Then come join us at the University of Scouting on Saturday, 1/23/16 at Austin Community College Eastview Campus from 8am-4pm where the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting will offer National Catholic Leadership Development and Religious Emblem Instructor Training to prepare you to lead Scouts on a faith journey in Catholic Spirituality so that they can earn the Roman Catholic Religious Emblems for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers (male and female).  
Part 1 - Morning: National Catholic Leadership Development 
Lay apostolate formation is the process by which Catholic Scouters create greater awareness of our role to "seek the kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and by ordering them according to the plan of God." We will examine our Call to Leadership, Call to Holiness, Call to Conversion, and Call to Worship through reflection on sacred scripture. Bring a Roman Catholic Bible with you to the class.  At the end of the class we review Lay Catholic Scout Chaplain training requirements.  
Part 2 - Afternoon: Religious Emblem Instructor Training  
Learn how to teach the Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII Roman Catholic Religious Emblems for Boy Scouts and Venturers. Learn about the Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei Emblems for Cub Scouts. Learn about other faith formation activities for Venture Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts sponsored by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, including Footsteps of the American Saints, the Rosary and Marian activities, and the Saint George Trek at Philmont. Learn how to plan a beautiful Scout Sunday Mass in your parish.  

Saturday, July 23, 2016

  • St Elizabeth Catholic Church

  • Pflugerville


Planning & Enacting a Religious Emblems Course for All Scouts in Your Troop, Pack, or Crew

Step 1 – Conduct a Religious Emblem Presentation for All Scouts in Your Troop, Pack, or Crew

  • Watch and discuss the Boy Scout Religious Emblems presentation on DVD available from Praypub: 
  • Have Scouts complete Religious Emblems Survey
  • Award your Scouts with a patch, if desired


Step 2 – Plan and Schedule Your Religious Emblem Course

  • Fill out, copy, and mail in the Intent to Begin form
  • Create syllabus for course
  • Secure location and meeting times for class
  • Secure a second adult for two-deep leadership at all times
  • Run a bulletin announcement in local parish bulletins for 3 to 4 weeks prior to start of course, including this information
    • Name of Religious Emblem
    • Ages of Boy Scouts eligible for emblem
    • What will be studied
    • Time, date, location and duration of course
    • Name and phone number of contact


Step 3 – Enact Your Religious Emblems Course

  • Contact your Scouts and their parents to inform them of meeting times and locations
  • Ensure Scouts have access to any required materials
    • Workbooks
    • Bibles
  • Sign any required Scout forms found in workbook prior to start of course and at end of chapters, if required
  • Arrange any necessary retreats, workshops, or discussion panels, as required
  • Be willing to share stories of your personal faith journey with your Scouts


Step 4 – After Completion of Religious Emblem Course

  • Help coordinate the Board of Review for your Scouts
  • Manage collection of fees and forms
  • Order religious emblem

  • Attend Scout Recognition Mass